Our prices are straight forward just like our phones.

OwnFone Handset Price - £85.00

This price includes setting up the phone with all your names and numbers, and 'signed for' delivery to a UK address. All OwnFones come with a 14 day 'no questions asked' money back guarantee.

We have three types of Airtime Plan:


Monthly Plans

Paid by DD


Top Up Plans

Paid by Card


6/12 Month Plans

Paid by Card




Talk 50

50 minutes a month


per month



Topup 10

100 minutes


valid for 60 days




6 Month 


50 minutes a month

One off payment




Talk 100

100 minutes a month


per month




Topup 15

150 minutes


valid for 90 days


12 Month 

(12m x 20mins)

20 minutes a month

One off payment




Talk 500

500 minutes a month


per month




Topup 20

200 minutes


valid for 120 days


12 Month 

(12m x 50mins)

50 minutes a month

One off payment


The star shows our most popular airtime plans

Monthly Plans:

 Customers on Monthly Plans pay by Direct Debit on 1st of each month. If you go over your monthly allowance the additonal cost is charged to your next bill.

Many people choose the 50 minute per month plan, costing just £7.50 per month, and it is very easy to move up to 100 minutes or 500 minutes per month if required.


Top Up Plans:

Top up (PAYG) plans are paid in advance by debit or credit card. Top up users do not receive a monthly statement and cannot use more minutes than have been pre-paid. Subscribers can top up the phone online.

Top Ups have an expiry period, and require more self-management than other plans. In the longer term most of our users find it is easier to go onto a Monthly Plan or one of our 6 or 12 Month Plans.


6 and 12 month Plans:

6 and 12 month plans are the most cost effective way to buy our airtime as they are discounted from the monthly plan price. These plans are paid in advance by debit or credit card. The minutes can be used at any time within the life of the plan. 6 and 12 month plan users do not receive monthly bills but we contact you before the end of the plan with advice and a suggested plan for renewal. 

Our 12 month x 20 minutes per month plan represents exceptional value for money, costing just £50.00 for a whole year (less than £1 per week). This is a very popular choice for customers who are buying an OwnFone mainly for peace of mind, and for users who do not not make many outgoing calls - possibly receiving mainly incoming calls.