OwnFone from Anywhere Care
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For freedom and simplicity

OwnFone Mobile is an easy to use telecare/mobile phone that works inside and outside the home – wherever you are.

Easy mobile technology

OwnFone Mobile is the world's first personalised mobile/telecare device with the freedom to work on all the major networks

Easy to use  ✔
To make a call just press the button

Small and light  ✔
OwnFone is credit card sized and only weighs 40g

Customised  ✔
We will design your OwnFone in your branding

Non stigmatising  ✔
Looks very different from a red button alarm

Wearable ✔
We supply a colour matched lanyard with every OwnFone Mobile

Safe and secure  ✔
OwnFone Mobile only calls the people you choose

Ready to use ✔
OwnFone arrives ready to use. Just turn on, make a call and start talking

Available in any colour  ✔
Branded to your business or personalised by you

Business Solutions

For information on our OwnFone Mobile,

please email sales@anywherecare.co.uk 

or call the Business team on 01200 400010

Footprint from Anywhere Care
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For security and  reassurance

Footprint is a wearable GPS device that delivers alerts by voice, SMS, web link or email - wherever you are.

Access to the Footprint web portal

The Footprint Finder platform knows where your Footprints are using real time data – reporting facilities available  

Assistance Button  ✔
This calls contacts in rotation until one responds, opening up a two way conversation

SMS text messaging  ✔
SMS text message sent to contacts simultaneously and shows the location & speed of the device and the alert type

Alert Types  ✔
Assistance alert (by pressing button)
Geographic alert (leave or enter a specified area)
plus many others

Incoming Calls  ✔
Footprint can receive incoming calls

Roaming SIM  ✔
The device will work on all the major UK Networks and automatically selects the best signal

BS8484  ✔
BS8484 (Lone Working) compliant

Available in 4 colours  ✔
Black, Blue, Green or Pink

Business Solutions

For information on our Footprint GPS tracker, 

please email sales@anywherecare.co.uk 

or call the Business team on 01200 400010



The new features and design have made a great product even better and simpler to use. The fact that the OwnFone now talks to you and tells you what you are doing will help Dad greatly with the impending loss of sight. The charging unit now is a stand is also a great idea & is much easier to see when charging and when charging complete. Having lights to show when needing charging and fully charged. Brilliant!
— Stephen - OwnFone Customer

I bought my 93 year old mother, who is frail with bilateral hearing aids and advanced macular degeneration leading to partial sightedness. Amazingly despite her age, mild memory impairment and frailty, my mother has persisted in learning how to use her phone and is now able to both send and receive calls.
— Pauline - OwnFone Customer

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the phone that we purchased for my elderly aunt in August. She has the onset of dementia but is managing to use her phone no problem at all. She wears it around her neck all day every day and would sleep with it if the care home allowed!
— Alice - OwnFone Customer