Helping lone workers stay safe

Anywhere Care Lone Worker Protection

The Lone Worker Protection package utilises our Footprint GPS Tracker device together with the Anywhere SIM Roaming Mobile Network to connect lone workers to an alarm receiving centre, supervisors or co-workers in an emergency situation.

Footprints in docks

The Footprint is a discreet lightweight GPS tracker which can be worn on a lanyard, belt clip or keyring, or placed in a pocket or bag. It connects to the Footprint Finder Portal over the mobile phone network.

A two-way alarm call may be manually triggered by pressing the SOS button or generated automatically in the event of a fall. The location of the user can be accessed using the customer’s existing Alarm Receiving Centre Software, by a smartphone or PC using our Footprint Finder Portal.

  • Additional alerts can be configured to according to customer requirements.

The Footprint can be configured to work in Silent Mode or Audible Mode. Silent Mode is ideal for use in situations where the Lone Worker may be with a client or patient and needs to be able to make alerts discreetly. Audible Mode may be used where discretion is not essential and audible tones may provide reassurance to the user.

  • An incoming silent ‘Listen in’ call may be made to monitor a situation.

The battery life is 24 hours and the device should be charged on a daily basis. A low battery alert is automatically generated if the battery falls below 20%.


The Footprint Finder Portal is used to access the Footprint data and to manage and reconfigure the devices. It is accessed via a hierarchical login to ensure that user’s privacy is maintained, and that data is only visible to the people responsible for managing their safety. We take time to work with customers to understand and design the hierarchy that meets their privacy and management requirements.

The Footprint Portal can send alerts and map data directly to customers existing Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) software. This solution is ideal where the customer has existing systems in place.  ARC software typically includes call recording facilities.

Alternatively, the Footprint Finder Portal can be used to manage alarms, user data and escalation plans. 

This solution is ideal where the customer does not have an existing system but wants to implement a central monitoring system. In this situation we can optionally record and store all incoming and outgoing calls.

Alarms can also be sent directly to Smartphones. This solution is ideal where the customer wants to use a buddy system, or team self-monitoring solution, also with the option of call recording.

Alarms can be sent as data, SMS or email giving considerable flexibility to the solution chosen.


Footprint Finder Portal

The Footprint Finder Portal can generate a number of group reports, together with the ability to export data for further analysis or import into customer systems.

  1. Alarm List - All alarms over selected time period, device name, date & time 

  2. Real-time Data - Latest recorded location and battery % of every device – used to monitor compliance

  3. Web-user List - All registered web users – used to manage access & privacy

  4. Device List - All registered devices and device user details if required – used to manage devices

These reports can also be used to drill down to individual devices, where necessary, to understand every detail of their use. 

Real-time data using the Footprint Finder Portal


The operation of the Footprint device is tightly integrated with the Anywhere SIM network to provide an unparalleled level of security and resilience. The Anywhere SIM Roaming network uses a SIM that is not restricted to a single network, providing automatic access to the Vodafone, O2 and EE networks. 

This is a major advantage for organisations requiring a solution that can be deployed across the whole country, as the number of locations without adequate signal are massively reduced. Roaming SIMS have high resilience as local network issues do not cause loss of service.

Footprints have conventional UK ‘07’ numbers so calls made to Footprints are no more expensive than calls to conventional mobile phones. 

The Anywhere SIM Customer Portal enables authorised management to access information about the number of calls made and received, and to access any recordings made. 

If you would like more information about the Lone Worker Protection package, please telephone 01200 400010 or contact us via the online form.

Rob Parry